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Playing on College Wifi

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Hey guys, so my college IT has most if not all inbound ports blocked and most games that are multiplayer don't work here. With Destiny 2 coming out I've decided that after the last two years I'm done putting up with it. I've tried a couple of vpns and those get my past the firewall and internet restrictions and some steam games work better, but I've seen some services have features for having a console share the connection to the vpn and using it. Does AirVpn allow this work? I am able to use Windows and Linux and am wondering if I can share my computer's vpn connection to allow my ps4 to get past the port restrictions and play games like destiny which doesn't work here at all due to the network setup. I can access my home computer as well if I need to manually set up a tunnel as well. I have only purchased the 3 day trial to test out if it works but am of course willing to buy more if this works out.

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If you create a hotspot from your PC and share the TAP Adapter connection you should be able to connect the PS4 to the hotspot which has said VPN connection.


For gaming, I'm not sure port wise but i would definitely connect to the closest server so your latency doesn't suffer too much.


And since your in a college, PLEASE use SSL 443 on the PC. Using standard OpenVPN via TCP or UDP could give red flags to your IT folks and get the IP's blocked.


It might be slower, but it's safer and shouldn't effect multiplayer gaming.

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