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Network Lock - when is it active?

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I do understand that the Network Lock is there to prevent many kinds of leaks. Yet, I am not certain which settings are appropriate for my purposes, and I could not find any definitive answers.

I'd like the Network Lock to do be active whenever I'm connected to an Air server, but never to be active when I'm not connected. (BTW, I'm using Windows.)


So my question goes like this: When I connect to an Air server, will the Network Lock become active by default? Or do I have to enable it manually? Having a look at the display with the lock icon on the right above, it seems to me that the latter ist true.


As I understand it, by going to "Preferences" and then choosing "Activate Network Lock at startup", I can make sure the Network Lock is enabled just as long as the Air Client is running - whether my OS is connected to an Air server or not. (If this is the case, I will be very fine with this solution.)


Am I right so far?


If I got it right, I would personally guess that many people might not intuitively apprehend how to work properly with the Network Lock. Hence I would humbly suggest to you to consider changing parameters, so that when people connect to a n Air server, the Network lock will be active for their whole session by default.   


Thank you for your help and support.

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"I'd like the Network Lock to do be active whenever I'm connected to an Air server, but never to be active when I'm not connected."


That would defeat the whole idea!!!


The point of the network lock is STOP any data being sent / received if connection to an Air server is lost for ANY reason.


As soon as you open EDDIE, the Network lock button is right there!, click it and you're good to go...either connect to recommended server or choose one from the server list.

When you want to stop using Air, you click Disconnect, and again.... the Network lock appears right there!!!


Personally I think they have got it perfect!....you dont have to go into different menu's to enable or disable the lock, they are literally right there whenever you connect or disconnect.

I'd much rather have it this way as I know the network lock has been switched on (I wait for Steam to disconnect for example then I know for sure it's active!).


I'm guessing that in certain circumstances people may not want the network lock, or it might stop certain things working for them which is why it is not enabled as default?

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@ CUS:


Thank you for your reply!

My formulation was poor. I menat that I would like the Network Locker to become active whenever I start a connection, and to remein active until I deliberately disconnect or decide to quit the locker.

However, it seems that anything is working well.

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  • To automatically start Eddie with Network Lock at Windows start, set Eddie preferences on the General tab to include Connect at startup and Activate Network Lock at startup. When you start Windows, Eddie will auto start with Network Lock enabled.

The session will be locked the entire time you have Eddie running whether you disconnect from an AirVPN server or not. Lock is active while Eddie is running. You can disconnect and reconnect to a server while Eddie is running and your session will remain locked.

You can end the locked session a couple of ways. 1) Disconnect the VPN session, then Deactivate Network Lock; or 2) Exit Eddie and it will automatically disconnect before exiting. When Eddie exits, Network Lock is terminated.

If you wish to shut down Windows while disconnected from an AirVPN server and remain locked, leave Network Lock enabled and uncheck the Exit confirmation prompt setting. Windows will gracefully shutdown Eddie in a locked state. The next time Windows starts, Eddie will automatically startup with a new locked session.

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Thanks Fly AirVPN. Your post clearly explained the information I too was looking for.


I have an add-on question...  Is there a way to programmaticly exit Eddie, in the same manner as right-clicking the tray icon and selecting exit?


I tried using the TASKKILL command against airVPN.exe in a batch file. While it did appear to close Eddie, it did not disconnect from the VPN server, and several minutes later Eddie seemed to restart itself. 


Basically, I want to write a batch script to automatically exit Eddie (disconnect from VPN server and release network lock) when I'm gaming, then automatically restart Eddie (connect to VPN and re-enable network lock) when I'm done. I've got the restart covered by the START command, just not the exiting part.


Any suggestions? 

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What you need is a command line parameter to put in your batch file. I've looked around the site and cannot locate a list of AirVPN.exe command line parameters. Perhaps someone can point us to them or add a list to the How-To section, if any.

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An airVPN.exe command line parameter would be ideal. Something like "airVPN.exe -shutdown".


Failing that, maybe there is something I can use regarding OpenVPN. I noticed that when I use the TASKKILL command against airVPN.exe, the OpenVPN process is still running and (presumably) holding my VPN connection. 


Does anyone know if OpenVPN has command line parameters that could be used to disconnect from the VPN server and release the network lock?

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