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Resolving internal network

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Is there a way to configure my setup to be able to resolve my internal network hosts when connected to the AIRVPN client?


My Home Network

Laptop - Linux MINT w/AIRVPN client

Workstation - Linux MINT - Role: file server

pfSense running DNS Resolver (Unbound)



I'm trying to write an rsync over SSH script to sync files between my laptop and workstation. My laptop is always connected to VPN and when it is, DNS resolution does not work for my internal hosts. I am still able to reach my workstation by connecting via IP address. I know this is by design to avoid DNS leaks, but am curious to know if it is possible to configure my network to allow internal resolution without compromising security.

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You could give the machines in your LAN names instead of IP addresses using /etc/hosts on your laptop:


But then the IP addresses could change? You could tell your DHCP client to assign a fixed IP based on MAC address.

How do you have names for your machines when the VPN is not up? I don't use pfsense. Does that DNS just support something similar to /etc/hosts?

I guess you are using "local-data"?


Or is that a configuration command? That short description is not a lot of help


Or maybe you are using "Register DHCP leases in the DNS Resolver"? Do those go into some sort of local domain name?

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