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I have a Netgear Nighthawk R7800 that I am trying to run AIRVPN on. I'll admit I'm not the most computer savvy person but I can usually figure things out. This has me stumped. If anyone can help me out, I would really appreciate it. I've had my AIRVPN subscription for over a month now and I cannot get the thing figured out. 

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I just replaced my Asus AC51 with the R7800.


AirVPN speed has increased from ~10Mb/s to ~50Mb/s. [fibre connection 200/100]


There is a lot of information available but I found it to be quite fragmented and not easy to understand first time.

These are the notes I made from collected info and my install of DD-WRT [FIRST TIME FOR ME!]


Some notes regarding my openvpn setup on my new netgear router.

Using Kong DD-WRT build 2017-08-09;

  • Flash R7800-factory-to-ddwrt.img
  • Wait until it FULLY boots up
  • admin, admin, admin
  • Flash ddwrt-netgear-R7800.bin with reset to defaults
  • Wait until it FULLY boots up
  • Power off router
  • Wait 1 min
  • Power it back on
  • Wait until it FULLY boots up
  • Now setup your things
  • MTU set to 1436 from 1500 default - recommended for VPN connections
  • Now follow AirVPN setup https://airvpn.org/ddwrt/


more here;

Hope this might help...


N.B. I was unable to upload the DD-WRT 'stock' beta firmware as I kept getting an error message that the file was invalid???

The Kong firmware version [first link above] uploaded without issue.


Also posted on my blog;


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I have an R8000 with Tomato and AirVPN works great. Just follow the tutorial here and I recommend copying the options from the OVPN in the custom line under advanced.

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Not clear if you're trying to run Air through the router from a client device or are using the router as the Air client w/Tomato, etc. for devices to run through.  Big difference between the two.  I have a stock R7000 with the Air client on my Win 10 laptop and nothing special had to be done with the router, all the fiddling was in the laptop, it wasn't hard to get set up, though. 

If that's your configuration, client in a device, not router, possibly turning off the network lock in the Preferences > General and Preferences >Network Lock settings and also Connect at Startup and Start with Windows in the General settings will allow manual Air connection.  With Network Lock on, Air basically shuts off completely if there are any connection issues that don't resolve and won't allow any activity until Air is closed properly and restarted.  It's supposed to do that but can make restarts cumbersome.  Once you get started the first time, it's not too hard to understand.

The tutorial helps a  lot.   

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He said he's trying to run it on the router which is actually very nice when you have many devices, including ones that can't run any VPN software. It all goes through one connection on your account for everything under your roof. In my case, it's really nice because I have family who live with me who are not so privacy conscious as I am. They connect to my network and their traffic is sent through the tunnel too. Then one additional connection is used for my cell phone which I also tether through. The third connection is devoted to my torrent client. I route that to the Ukraine, which I would not necessarily want to do with anything else.

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