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Network Lock when trying to restart

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Hey there


When having a torrent client activated over night, Windows 10 decided to restart itself on it's own.


It couldn't fully restart because of the Client preventing it, and that's a good thing.


But is the Network Lock still active in that state? And if not, does the torrent client run anyway? It sounds a bit weird but hopefully you guys understand what I mean.


Huge thanks for answers in advance

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Do you have the following checkbox activated?

Settings -> General -> "Exit confirmation prompt"


If yes, then Eddie probably prevented the restart by showing this "Do you really want to exit?" prompt.


And as far as I can see it, this prompt appears before the client disconnects from the server.

So you should have still been connected when you were returning to your computer.


Did it look like this?



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"Windows 10 decided to restart itself on its own".. tells you all you need to know about Win10..


NetLock is still active in this state, no one exited Eddie.


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i have the same question. My win10 eventually restarted and i want to know if i am exposed on the torrent client. 

(i have the exit confirmation prompt checked)

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