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Questions / Issues With VPN Connection as Service (OpenVPN in Linux)

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Hey Guys - 


I just recently started using AirVPN and have spent the weekend setting up a few things.  I subscribed to AirVPN with the plan of using a local VM with my fiber connection instead of a remote Seedbox.  My goal is to have the local VM on 24/7 running Deluge and have it save all completed files to my primary system.  I host too many things on my primary system plus must connect to work's VPN on it which is why I'm using this setup.  I've already mounted the share for the downloads in the VM, set everything up, and all seems to be working except one thing.  Just wanted to ask a couple of questions including verification that how I set it up is the best suggested method for what I'm trying to do, please.



1. From Deluge's WebUI in a browser, I can connect to Deluge's Daemon.  From the WebUI, it connects to (local ip because it's hosted on same system as daemon.  However, when I try to connect to the Daemon using the Deluge Client with classic mode disabled, I cannot from my PC using the local IP and same port or even on the hosting PC using  This only occurs when the VPN is connected.  I tried connecting via DDNS from a forwarded port I created using 58846 as local port but also didn't work


2. Even though I installed AirVPN in the VM (Ubuntu 17.04 x64), it didn't have an option to launch at boot so instead I installed openvpn as a service and have it configured to launch the config file I downloaded at boot to automatically connect. Does connecting this way still offer all of the features such as ports I forward?  If not or there's a better way to accomplish this, please let me know


3. Is there a way to implement network lock when using the openvpn method above - or - if openVPN looses connection, will it automatically reconnect?  If VPN fails for some reason, I don't want it to continue downloading torrents. 


VM Environment

- Ubuntu 17.04 x64 (hosted on ESXi 6.5)

--- Folder mounted to Windows share for completed downloads - each label goes to different folder within mounted share

--- AirVPN 2.12.4 installed via .deb (Even though currently not using client to connect)

--- openVPN 2.4.0

--- Deluge / Deluged / Deluge WebUI 1.3.15


Conf File (Snippet)

Below is the first part of my conf file I build & downloaded.  If anything needs to be changed to accommodate anything above, please let me know.

dev tun
proto udp
remote america.vpn.airdns.org 443
resolv-retry infinite
remote-cert-tls server
cipher AES-256-CBC
comp-lzo no
route-delay 5
verb 3
explicit-exit-notify 5


Thanks Guys!






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