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Hello everyone,


I would like to create rules in the Windows 7 firewall so the AirVPN Edie client can work properly. Right now I have to allow all outbound connections for the client to work, which is not that secure. I want to have my Windows 7 firewall block all inbound and outbound connections unless I make a rule which allows a connection. I tried to make new rules in the Windows 7 firewall which included the AirVPN client files located in C:\Program Files\AirVPN to allow the connections but this did not work. I am fairly new to making firewall rules and using a VPN, so I need a basic explanation how to do this. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I finally got it working by allowing all the program files in the AirVPN folder through Windows Firewall by making a rule for each file, I can connect now but the "score" and "latency" information is not showing up on any of the servers. I did research, something to do with allowing ICMP through Windows Firewall. I tried to allow File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request - ICMPv4-In) and File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request - ICMPv6-In) for both incoming and outcoming connections, but this still did not work.


How do I enable ICMP through Windows Firewall so that AirVPN client can show the "score" and "latency" for each server ?

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This is my first time attempting to use Windows 7 firewall instead of a third part product. You can try one of 3 methods. However my setup is a bit different from yours.

Firewall is set to public and blocks all incoming connections including programmes on the allowed list with outbound connections managed tightly but not to cripple the PC.

Methods 1

​I only have 2 inbound rules enabled but I noticed that under

Core Networking -Destination Unreachable Fragmentation Needed (ICMPv4 -In)

If I Right Click - Click on the tab 'Protocols and Ports'

Next to 'Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) settings':  Click on the 'customize' box and under specific ICMP types there is a check box for 'Echo Rquest'

I think you can figure out the rest from there regarding inbound and outbound rules you need to create

Method 2

Use Network Lock in the Eddie client. Don't know much about that.

Method 3.

Install tiny wall. In its default mode inbound block /outbound block it creates a few of the important rules needed for basic operation. I noticed two of the rules created are:

Outbound - ICMPv4 (echo-req) out ,  ICMPv6 (echo-req) out

Inbound - ICMPv6 (safe) , ICMPv4 (safe)

Once you've got what you need you can export tinywall rules and uninstall the program.

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