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Watch Netflix from abroad SP to home NL

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I am on a holiday in Spain, now I cant watch Netflix from dutch server so I get the correct subtitles

I get the unblocker /  proxy error.


What am I missing? could someone make a step by step how to fix this.



Thank you

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There is no fix.


Netflix have blocked almost all VPN services, including AirVPN, and thus AirVPN has officially dropped support for Netflix. 


All you can really do is try to go through each and every server and see which one works, or just use another provider.


Sorry, Netflix and their Hollywood corporate masters are assholes. 

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I have seen comments on other forums about setting up a "home vpn" using the openvpn software. This then allows one to access content from your home ip address/geolocation server from a client wherever. Some technical expertise required, and not for just a one week holiday away from it all. Requires a fixed IP address from your ISP.

But useful for people who travel or have overseas postings or need better personal security. Similar to the setup of a commercial business for secure remote  access by staff. Australians working in China do this to get through the Great Firewall and access uncensored English language and georestricted content such as ABC iView, as well as any home subscriptions for streaming content.

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Dear Serenacat,

Thank you for the reply, are there any manuals for doing this? I have got an advanced Asus router at home maybe capable of doing this.


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You don't need to run your own VPN server. Just use another VPN provider with a huge pool of IPs, e.g. 200,000


VPN provider needs to offer their own DNS as well. Really good ones have great apps for most platforms.


This is how I access US Netflix. They have the biggest catalogue.


Not disrespect to AirVPN - they are No. 1 in other ways.

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Here is a forum where users "Aractus" and "John Citizen" recommend private vpn from China:

"Safe vpn for business access" https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2480843

I remember other blog comment etc mentions, somewhere ...


Commercial side of OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. has web based admin, support:

"All OpenVPN Access Server downloads come with 2 free client connections for testing purposes."

"$15.00 License Fee Per Client Connection Per Year. Support & Updates included. 10 Client minimum purchase."



Searching for "openvpn server" https://duckduckgo.com/html?q=openvpn%20server

finds various howtos:


Note "Uncomment push "redirect-gateway def1 bypass-dhcp" so the VPN server passes on clients' web traffic to its destination." Some howtos assume only for access to internal network via server.


A lot of doco on the OpenVPN Community website:



I have not done this myself, and no real need, but hopefully some use for these refs after a bit of time investigating.

A bit off topic from specific Netflix access, but how to avoid some spying and censoring and georestriction and ...

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