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Kroger.com blocked Try explaining to something like this to your wife (rolling eyes)

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Changing Dallas servers allowed the home page to show, but the coupon was still missing:





A change to Atlanta fixed it.




Some insight as to how/why Kroger is doing this would be appreciated. I'm sure other users don't have time for such nonsense.

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Finally came back here. Dropping snail mail to Kroger CEO today, have already reported to Baracuda





Thank you for contacting Barracuda Networks regarding your issue. Your issue is important to us. We have assigned a confirmation number: BBR21486595634-48454-6979 to this case.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. We have removed (Please wait 24-48 hours) from our blocklist for 30 days, at which time it will be re-evaluated.

There are a number of reasons your IP address may have been listed as "poor", including:

  • The email server at this IP address contains a virus and has been sending out spam
  • The email server at this IP address may be configured incorrectly
  • The PC at this IP address may be infected with a virus or botnet software program
  • An individual in the organization at this IP address may have a PC infected with a virus or botnet program
  • This IP address may be a dynamic IP address which was previously utilized by a known spammer
  • The marketing department of a company at this IP address may be sending out bulk emails that do not comply with the CAN-SPAM Act
  • This IP address may have a insecure wireless network attached to it which could allow unknown users to use it's network connection to send out bulk email
  • In some rare cases, your recipients' Barracuda Spam Firewall may be misconfigured

If you do not think any of the above apply, please also contact the person who manages this IP address, as they may be better able to investigate this issue.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Barracuda Central by Barracuda Networks

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Barracuda took airvpn off their blacklist Don't know how long it will last.





The moral here? Bitch at Barracuda....Don't assume someone else did it.




When they think they may lose accounts due to asinine polices - they'll change them.

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