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Allow some sites to bypass the VPN?

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Hi there! I've been using AirVPN on my Mac for a while now and I'm real happy with it! 

I like to keep it connected quite often but have to disconnect when I want to use certain sites that deny access from VPNs like Netflix.


Is there a way to stay connected to the VPN but allow/make an exception for (in this example) Netflix to circumvent the VPN?


Thanks in advance!

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I followed this guide: https://airvpn.org/topic/9549-traffic-splitting-guide-to-setting-up-vpn-only-for-torrenting-on-windows-thanks-to-nadre/ to only use my torrent client over the VPN connection. I can run a bat script that changes the routing tables so that I can choose between only the torrent client using the VPN and everything else non-VPN over the normal connection.


Can't really go to an application specific level unless the application lets you choose which network interface to use though, but this could work for you.

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Netflix has many services on Amazon IPs, so far re-routing them was a huge cat and mouse game of hit and miss.

There are some users that created their own set of subnets to reroute, but again there is nothing stable about this

and things that worked today may break tomorrow.

Take a look at this thread, for example:



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