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Connected to AirVPN but unable to resolve host

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So I'm running Ubuntu-MATE 16.04 and I've installed network-manager-openvpn-gnome, downloaded the certs. Added Air to my list of VPN's. All seems to work fine, I can connect and get the message that I have connected, however I cannot connect to any website, it just comes up Resolving host and then states that the site cannot be reached.


Also on a side note, the .deb package is busted.

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UPDATE: I have no issues if I connect via the terminal. 

Not ideal but at least I can get a connection.

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Well I don't know much about that network manager, but I did encounter these issues while making my own DNS server and it will tell you that it failed to resolve in the case of the DNS server being misconfigured or you not having the right DNS settings and since AirVPN DNS works very well it must be a setting on your end.

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Try the portable client in the meantime, that one works for me on Ubuntu 16.04.


But I have the same problem with the network manager.


It worked fine until I asked for my user key  and certificate to be regenerated, which they did very fast btw.

I tested it by trying to connect and got indeed an error that I used the wrong certificates, so I went on deleting AirVPN from my VPN connections. Then I went to the config generator and generated new config files and set up everything like I normally do. As far as I can tell I did nothing different as the last time I added them and the system is still the same, still I can connect with the VPN but I have no internet access after connection.


I use the portable client now and with that one everything just works fine... quite clueless what could be wrong.

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Same problem here. Installed via network-manager-openvpn-gnome and it works on 15.10 and does not work on 16.04.


On 16.04 the VPN connects, but I get the same "unable to resolve host" error when trying to open any web site as OP.


@Britman how do I connect via the terminal?

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