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DDNS propagation after reconnect

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Hi, I configured port forwarding with DDNS. It worked perfectly. Then I reconnected the VPN from my local server and thus I received a new 10.* IP. When I ping the named server (<name>.airdns.org), the name still points to the old public address.


1. Is the DNS update slower when the name is already mapped to an IP and the IP needs to be changed, compared to when the name does not exist?


2. When I connect a second device to AirVPN, the name may point to the second public IP. I understand, that port forwarding does not work properly with multiple connections. When I disconnect the second device, will the configured <name>.airdns.org point again to the first public IP (I mean, that would leave me with exactly one opened VPN connection).


Background: I will have one local server that will always be connected to the VPN, and from time to time I will connect my phone shortly when using public WIFI.



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