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DDOS Attack by Armada Collective

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Just saw the following shocking news about BlackVPN. I hope they don't attack AIR..

Any one have more news about this?



Armada Collective have threatened to launch a DDoS attack on our services unless we pay a ransom in Bitcoins. We didn’t pay. DDoS attack expected soon.


On Monday 18th of April we received a message that our servers will be attacked by a powerful Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack unless we pay 10.08 BTC ransom.

The email was from people claiming to be Armada Collective — the group who were responsible for one of Europe’s largest DDoS attacks against ProtonMail in November 2015.

The message could be from copycats who are pretending to be Armada Collective in order to trick us out of 10 BTC without actually having the resources to carry out their threat — or it could be from the real Armada Collective — we simply don’t know.

In the time since we received the threat we’ve been securing our systems and infrastructure against a DDoS attack in case the threat is real.

Other VPN providers also received the threat.

We know of at least two other VPN services who also received the same message on Monday. We suspect that a number of other VPN services also received the same message but have remained silent (or paid the ransom?).

The fact that they have threatened to attack multiple VPN providers on the same date (Monday 25th April) leads us to suspect that this is an empty threat, since a DDoS attack would be most effective if there was only a single target at a time.

We hope that our transparency will encourage other VPN services to speak up if they have also received a blackmail threat — now and in the future.

BlackVPN customers are safe.

The threat is only against BlackVPN’s systems and attacking our service will not compromise or threaten our customers privacy or security.

The worst case scenario is that our VPN service and support systems are unavailable during the attack.

We’ll post updates on our Twitter profile @blackVPN if there is any downtime due to an attack.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/VPN/comments/4g8fsl/blackmailed_ddos_attack_against_blackvpn_could/


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Here I am, in most dangerous city of the USA, dodging bullets just to walk to the 7-11 four blocks away.

This is too much excitement; I need to have my doctor up my blood pressure medicine and buy a better Kevlar helmet and vest.

There is is this certain VPN that sells DDOS protection with its services( extra $9.99 a month)but their blog was hacked (or is it cracked, whatever).


I will stick with AirVPN except for the walk to the 7-11.

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There was an announcement from Posteo about DDoS threats but I'm not sure if it was Armada, too. Later Posteo announced that there were DDoS attacks but they had no impact on the service itself.


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