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Hi everyone, I have million of questions and also looking for step by step guide. im running mac os x.

I run Tor Bundle 1st, then start airvpn client in tor mode (pref->protocol->tor) and

when i check my ip in Tor browser and firefox (all stock settings) i have 2 different stories:

in Tor browser i have Tor exit node ip

in firefox i have my exit vpn ip


1) so what is really happening?

2) does firefox go tor then to vpn?

3) how to check tor "stage" if it even happens(or i have to socks proxy localhost??)

4) why does tor browser "bypasses vpn"?

5) how to set everything go smooth?

6) is it possible to work is tor browser?




6) how to avoid "VPN fingerprint" and "double ping" warnings when checking anonymity

(i've read that ssl or ssh protocols should be used....but then i'm not able to use Tor?(i'm not able to choose 2 protocols at the same time in GUI) or how to add socks 5 proxy to the chain as an exit node while still using Tor as a 1 stage)


Looking for your replies if you have a link to a "noob" manual, I would greatly appreciate it!!! (I wonder why there are no standard airvpn manual on how to do it step-by-step)

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You are doing it correctly.  Use your standard browser after you do this, not the Tor browser.  The Tor browser's connectiom is post-proxy, pre-VPN if you want to think if it like that.  The standard browser's connection is post-proxy, post-VPN.


So what's happening is, in the standard browser, all sites are only seeing your AirVPN Exit Node IP, and they have no clue you are even connecting through Tor, but if someone was trying to trace back to you they would have to go backwards through:  AirVPNExitNodeIP  - TORExitNodeIP -  TorHop2IP - TorHop1IP - YourREALIP


You are doing it correctly.  Just use the non-Tor browser after you have thusly connected.

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