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Having a problem connecting to a server.

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Good morning,


For starters, I'll say that I am new to your VPN, this is actually my very first paid VPN, and although I have done a lot of research and understand the entire concept there are still a few sticking points that confuse me. With that said, I have really enjoyed the service you provide and the extensive effort your team puts into keeping our internet privacy top priority. Seriously, well done.

So up until now, I have not had any issues connecting. I was able to get up and running with no problem and have stayed connected when I've needed to be connected.


I woke up this morning and was off the network and Eddie seemed to be frozen. I had to do a force quit and when I restarted it, every time I try to reconnect It stalls on checking route and then disconnects and I can't get on any of the servers.


I have OSX with latest OS and latest Eddie.


Additionally I'd like to get a bit of help explaining to me DNS and proxy once I get my issue resolved. I understand some of it but I just need a clearer explanation of how I can implement even tighter security using DNS tunneling, port forwarding and proxies.


Things I would like to achieve:


  • I'd like to ultimately connect to TOR through the VPN in the most effective way.
  • I'd like to understand the advantages of DNS, tunneling and port forwarding so I can take advantage of its uses.
  • If you could tell me if having OSX, if Eddie is still the better option or should I connect using my own VPN options through my OS
  • I'd like to set up my own personal VPN through my OS so that I can be connected to my Windows Laptop when I need to
  • and could you tell me if with service if we have use of private proxies or does the fact I am on a VPN do a way of needing to use a proxy?

Thanks  in advance for anything you can help me with and best regards

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