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Merry Prankster

Reduced speed using ForceBinpIP on Firefox, but not on Chrome.

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I'm doing the three-day trial of AirVPN and I'm having a strange issue. I've set up ForceBindIP shortcuts on my desktop for Firefox and Chrome so that I can have AirVPN running constantly but still bypass it when I need.


When I check on ipleak.net, my IP address shows as my ISP IP and the DNS Address Detection shows the AirVPN Server ( which I'm guessing is what I want? ). Doing a speedtest on Chrome shows that my speed is normal, but through Firefox the ping is higher and the speed reduced, as though it were still going through the VPN. Disabling AirVPN results in Firefox displaying normal speeds.


I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone could enlighten me as to why this would be!




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