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Slow speeds when not using SSL Tunnel Port 443...

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My internet speed when not using a VPN is 150 Mbps down.


When I use any protocol other than SSL Tunnel Port 443, I max out torrent speeds at 10 Mbps. When I use SSL Tunnel Port 443, I get speeds of anywhere from 50-90 Mbps.


Does anyone know why this might be?

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Your ISP is throttling OpenVPN, SSL 443 masks OpenVPN as normal HTTPS traffic, thus your ISP cannot detect OpenVPN.

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You don't state what OS you use, so I'm going to assume it's some flavor of Windows. I thought I had the issue of ISP throttling OpenVPN too, but after switching to another ISP recently and experiencing the same problem I started looking elsewhere. What it boils down to is that the default send and receive buffers in OpenVPN for Windows are just ridiculously small for any sort of high speed connection, unless you have near-zero latency.


Thankfully, the newest version of Eddie supports changing this. Go to preferences/advanced and set the TCP/UDP socket send and receive buffers both to 512KB and try connecting via standard ports again. I found that UDP port 53 performed best for me on AT&T Gigapower, but I would try different ones and see what works best for you.


At any rate, that drastically increased speeds for me, with me hitting 70+Mbps down when connected. This is also faster than when I was connecting via SSL/SSH.My suspicion is that the SSL/SSH connection has it's own buffers that made up for the lack of any real buffers in OpenVPN.


Try this and let us know how it works for you.

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