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Does anyone know the easiest way to get AIR VPN on a Raspberry Pi 2? With one method using the network manager i got as far as getting the VPN connected but none of the traffic from my Pi was going through the VPN. A fix for that would be great if anyone has one or an easier method would be even better.

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Not necessarily a solution, but I would recommend using the client - I just recently got Airvpn running on my own Pi 2 under Jessie and have found that it's actually much easier to use the client than going through the effort of using the network manager to force things. That being said, I did find that the client didn't work "out of the box" and updating mono was necessary, although that could simply be due to the distro I was using.

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Hi Prometheusfire,


Could you please tell which exact versions of mono and eddie did you use to make it work on raspberry pi ?



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Hi all, I got an answer by myself cause I have something pretty stable now ..


So on Raspberry Pi 2 I'm running with Raspbian Jessie Lite on which I've installed LXDE, then :

  • - installed openVPN from standard repo
  • - installed mono 4.0.2 (grabbable by adding the line "deb http://plugwash.raspbian.org/mono4 jessie-mono4 main" in /etc/apt/sources.list)
  • - downloaded AirVPN portable Mono version 211 beta 32bits
  • - I had to replace openvpn and stunnel X86 executables provided inside the AirVPN package by the ARM ones installed on system (copy/paste openvpn & stunnel4)

Network block is also working.

Don't expect big speed on torrenting : with transmission running, Rpi2 is full idle and system is very slow. But it's downloading stable between 300 - 500 KB/s.

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