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Doesn't appear that all my data is being encrypted?

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I'm new to AirVPN. Got everything set up using the AirVPN client. I ran a DNS leak test, eveything looked good. Then I sniffed the connection through WireShark and was surprised to see many of the IP addresses of the sites I was connecting to, including site text data.


I also saw the VPN IP addresses, but seeing the sites I was connecting to is a little concerning. Is this information visible over the network?

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You were looking at the wrong interface. The traffic origins at your end, then gets encrypted and

sent to the VPN interface. So you have to find that interface and look there.

The VPN IP addresses are visible from the network, the rest of the data isn't.

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So I should only be looking at the interface that I am using, like my wireless or ethernet interface? Looking at just the interface now only shows the encrypted traffic. Looking at all the interfaces shows both encrypted and unecrypted. Is this correct?

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It depends on the interface. I don't know what OS you are running so I shall speak generally.


One interface (the one you are using) will have constant encrypted traffic to the VPN server.


The other interface (the actual VPN/tunnel interface) will have the data shown non-encrypted - but it is encrypted before it leaves your system.


If you were looking at the wrong interface then things would seem like they weren't encrypted.

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