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Apple TV 4th generation, internet sharing from Mac OS, Netflix US

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Has anyone experience with the new apple tv (4th gen) yet?


Our home network consists of a brand new apple tv, a mac mini, a time capsule and several OS X/iOS devices. Relevant connections as follows:

- Mac mini connected to Time Capsule (Ethernet)

- Mac mini has internet sharing enabled for WLAN, Thunderbolt Bridge, Thunderbolt Ethernet

- Apple TV connected to Mac mini via ethernet (as the Mac Mini has only one ethernet port, this connection is ethernet on Apple TV to thunderbolt ethernet on the Mac mini). Tried WLAN also, no differences to the situation described below.


AIRVPN not connected: Apple TV is connected via Ethernet, Netflix works on both Mac mini and Apple TV. 


AIRVPN connected on the Mac mini: Netflix on the Mac mini is connected to the chosen country (e.g. US) and works, Netflix on the Apple TV does not work, Netflix seems to have no connection. In the settings, the connection via Ethernet is shown on the Apple TV, same as in the setting above without AirVPN connection.


Any ideas how to solve this?  (without setting up an extra router just for the vpn)



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I don't believe this is an Apple TV issue. Mac OSX Internet Sharing will not forward a VPN connection. Without VPN invoked I bet your internet sharing works fine. As soon as you invoke a VPN, internet sharing reverts to the local network only. There are other articles in this forum on sharing a VPN connection via internet sharing

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