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Signed up for one month because I've read a lot positive stuff about Air. In that vein I have the following dilemma:


B365 seems to have caught on to VPN usage. Have done some research and saw on the Private Internet Access forum that B365 have taken measures to block VPN users. What those are I do not know.


Without VPN the site comes up as per usual but cannot log on as France is restricted. When I try from a German server (My account is based on my German home address) it does not call up the entire site and when attempting to log on it does not allow for this. I?ve tried using servers located in other eligible countries but no luck there either.

 use Firefox and have disabled the RTC webleak issue but still to no avail.

Have tried two other betting sites located in germany and those have no problems.


Does anybody out there have any other suggestions. Wouldn't consider myself to be tech illiterate but also not exactly a tech wizard either.


If I cannot solve this or it is not solvable, using a VPN becomes less of an attraction for me.


Thanks in advance for any assistance





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try this:


  • In the URL bar, type about:config
  • Type geo.enabled
  • Double click on the geo.enabled preference
  • Location-Aware Browsing is now disabled

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I just logged into my UK based Bet365 account from Dabih with success. If you are able to use that server for your German account, then there shouldn't be an issue.

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Thanks for the quick response guys. Did the geo enable in the browser and signed into Dabih. The website came up in its entirety but when I attempted to log in it just did not respond. You get a connecting to localhost during log in process but after that nothing. Closed that tab and attempted again and this time the website did not  come up in its entirety.  Also if i try to access the help menu under services I get the standard "unable to connect message" along with cannot connect to localhost. When I leave the VPN the help menu comes upno problem along with all the betting options.Even login works just that the restricted country message comes up preventing login


I'm starting to think that they have tagged my login name


Eyes878 are you already in the UK and using a VPN or in another country?


If there are no other suggestions for the moment I'll be in Spain coming weekend and Germany the one after so will see how that turns out.


Thanks again for the quick responses.

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