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OpenVPN question/No connection

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Hello guys,


I have a quick question which hopefully results with a quick fix.


This is my first time trying to get VPN running on Arch.

What I have done is download the congfig file, extracted into /etc/openvpn

then through terminal typed in

sudo openvpn --config /etc/openvpn/AirVPN/name_of_the_file_.ovpn


The problem comes after the command executes and terminal outputs 'Sequence Authenticated'. I have no longer a connection nor can run a ping command.


I am pretty sure I a missing a step. Any ideas?


Please pardon my English and thank you much in advance.

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Could try w/o the --config line:

sudo openvpn /etc/openvpn/AirVPN/name_of_the_file_.ovpn


Or just log in as root and run it.


The config files can be anywhere. There's no need to put them in the /etc/openvpn directory when starting it from terminal.


Enabling logging via iptables might also help.

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I am still having the same problem no matter what I do. It is quite frusterating.


I have tried several methods from terminal to congfiguring NetworkManager manaully. Still no luck.


Through the openvpn command,  I get this message in the end.

Tue Jul 7

2015 Initialization Sequence Completed

With absolutely no errors or anything.


There is gotta be something else I am missing.  I have not yet touched iptables yet.


At this point, any ideas are welcomed.

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Nothing in that video is required for airvpn.  - err other than extracting the files lol.


-Download the files.

-Run openvpn /path/to/your/file.ovpn

-surf on


Post the log file if its still failing.

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