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The file 'AirVPN Europe UDP-443.ovpn' could not be read...

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Using Ubuntu MATE 15.04


Trying to add Airvpn to my connection. I followed the instructions and have tried UDP and TCP and get this error:


The file 'AirVPN Europe UDP-443.ovpn' could not be read or does not contain recognised VPN connection information


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No, you shouldn't rename it to .conf, that's only necessary if you put the file in /etc/openvpn for use with openvpn in system daemon mode.
By the sound of the error message I assume Britman tries to use the NetworkManager GUI.

1. Most likely, the package network-manager-openvpn-gnome is missing


sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome

2. Not related to your error message, but still worth mentioning: I'm pretty sure NetworkManager is still unable to handle inline keys/certs.

Air's Config Generator has the option "Separate keys/certs from .ovpn file" (in Advanced Mode).

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Seems like you have spaces in your filename, it may and will cause issues for certain applications.

And sheivoko is totally right about the NetworkManager thing that is broken for at least 5 years,


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You can also receive that message in two further circumstances: 


1) NetworkManager doesn't have the right permissions for the file. Try placing the .ovpn file and key/cert files in /home/vpn instead, or at least change the permissions of the files if they are under /etc/openvpn This can be an issue on 'reused' files where you've saved them to your backup server (or on a different hard drive on your system) and then imported them to a new machine. It can also be an issue in a live environment, where placing them in a directory under /home instead will however work fine.


2) You have recently installed network-manager-openvpn-gnome (or NetworkManager-openvpn-gnome on Fedora/CentOS). You need to reboot the system for importing .ovpn files to work properly.


Let us know if you get it working.

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