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Which ports are opened? (Outgoing mail port 587?)

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Hi all,


I've searched the website and forums and I've found some posts (like https://airvpn.org/topic/1514-sending-mail-through-vpn/ and https://airvpn.org/topic/5318-thunderbird-refuses-to-send-mail/) regarding opened ports and sending of mail.


Although there's some hinting that ports 465 or 587 should be usable, I'm actually looking for an explicit "yes, port 587 is opened" and I haven't found it yet. We're considering switching over to AirVPN because we'd like more inbuilt support in the VPN instead of having to bypass VPN for these, but we'd like to really really know for sure before we switch.


So... which ports are open to us via the VPN tunnel when we switch to AirVPN?


Thank you kindly

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I think you mix between the incoming and outgoing ports concept.

In order to "use" services like encrypted email, only outgoing connections to ports 465,587 would be required.



An incoming port would be required only if you plan to run your own smtp server behind AirVPN, which is possible on non-standard port - the ones

you specify in the port forwarding options.

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You can open any port of your choice on Fowarding Ports section on your Panel.




This isn't actually true. You can only forward ports from port 2000 upwards, as the lower ports are reserved for system use. OP, you can send encrypted mail over 465 and 567 perfectly well, I do so all day every day.

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