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Using CentOS 6 : Is it possible to restrict use of AirVPN to Firefox

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i am a new user and happily enjoying the great airvpn service


i am Using CentOS 6 :My question is ,is it possible to restrict use of AirVPN to Firefox ?


meaning i dont want to use VPN connection for other applications, i just want to use AirVPN with Firefox ?


is it possible and how



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Certainly possible but not trivial, it's quite a bit of work. You would need

  • to add the option "route-nopull" to the openvpn config file (preventing openvpn to set a default route)
  • a separate user account (let's call it: vpnuser) to run Firefox etc. (through sudo or su)
  • iptables rules to mark vpnuser's packets
  • a bash script to create a route for vpnuser, executed whenever the tun0 interface goes up
  • disable reverse path filtering

An example of something like this can be found in this blog post but it's not tailored to CentOS.


Another (not very elegant, but much simpler) solution would be:

  • run OpenVPN on another box (could even be a lightweight virtual machine! Also, don't forget to firewall it against non-VPN traffic)
  • ssh into that box: "ssh -D 12345 user@the_other_box" (opening the local port 12345 as a SOCKS proxy)
  • configure Firefox to use the SOCKS5 proxy at (sending Firefox' traffic to the other box which is running OpenVPN)

all of my content is released under CC-BY-SA 2.0

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