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Norton Smart Firewall (NIS) and DNS leaks

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After doing the reading on DNS leaks and using the ipleak.net site (nice tool), I found that one of my computers using a Windows 7 OS was subject to DNS leaks. 


I also found that the firewall I am using is not the most popular on these forums.  I am using the Norton Smart Firewall which is part of the NIS package. 


After reviewing several pages and articles (with https://airvpn.org/topic/1713-win-mac-bsd-block-traffic-when-vpn-disconnects/?p=10343 being the most helpful, though slightly dated due to the new NIS interface), I was able to set up two rules.  One for when the VPN was connected to only allow TCP/UDP traffic from a range of>  The other to block traffic from the address of my LAN for when the VPN was not connected.


With this set up, the computer checks out fine in ipleak.net.  (Of course also had to make adjustments for WebRTC).


However, I have one resulting issues I was wonder if anyone might be able to comment on. 


When I first turn on my computer, I have to disable my firewall before OpenVPN can establish the VPN connection.  (I do not use EDDIE.)  Once I am connected to the VPN, I can then re-enable the firewall and all works fine.  Not the hardest step, but was trying to find a more seemless way to do this.


Also as an aside, I only chose to allow TCP/UDP traffic when connected to the VPN, vice also allowing ICMP/ICMPv6.  Are their any significant problems with the choice? I have playing with the settings for a bit, but have noticed any issue, but then definitely would not call myself the most savvy.  


Thanks for any comments.

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-"When I first turn on my computer, I have to disable my firewall before OpenVPN can establish the VPN connection."


You would need to make a list of the airvpn server ip's and allow them via your firewall software.

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