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Hi Everyone, Does any of you folks had any problems with login into Airvpn by getting the error message such as "cannot recognize the remote name auth.airvpn.org" ??

This thing is just popping out every time I try to login and I dont have a clue what can be the actual reason for that. I have tried to reinstal airvpn using both normal and the 64bit on my 64 bit win7, and nothing helped. I even tried to disable my firewall for a while to see whether its causing the issue and also didn't help. 

Looking forward to your responses and huge thanks in advance for your comments and sugestions.



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First of all - is it just an annoying (potentially incorrect) error message or does it prevent you from connecting to AirVPN?

Does DNS resolve correctly? Open a command prompt and run
nslookup auth.airvpn.org

It should currently resolve to
If it doesn't:
Are you able to resolve other domains? try nslookup google.com

What's the DNS server currently used by your system? For example, it shouldn't be one of AirVPN's internal servers (10.X.0.1), because you can't use them without being connected to AirVPN.

Another idea - maybe Eddie's leak protection and/or network lock didn't reset correctly. Disable them temporarily, reboot, try again.

These suggestions are just supposed to get you started with the troubleshooting process. I'm not able to provide any better suggestions as I'm not a Windows or Eddie user.

all of my content is released under CC-BY-SA 2.0

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