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ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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is it still working for u ocelot . also when i get told i dident sent through a support request i can see by this post that i thought i had but the website kept kicking people off during that time

would be able to stream live abc on the iview website plus abc news 24 on the iview website and also sbs ondemand,

and would be great too watch the many tv catchup channels in australia that i have asked for numerous times that lots of people abroad would love also

i fight alone

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Hey sorry I missed your earlier post Nitehawk. No, you don't fight alone. Give me a few days to test out the laptop and the iPad -I'm pedal to the metal right now- and I'll get back to you.

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Hey Nitehawk, managed to have a quick look, and this may be enough for you to get an idea. Nothing has changed since I last reported on this (see thread on Server for finland). I can't get SBS on demand or ABC iview to run on the iPad. I tried Antares port 443, Sharatan port 443, all servers UDP, Alt entry 443, all servers TCP 443, Spain port 80, Kaus 443... a number of different combinations of ports, servers, protocols...nothing. I guess I could take out a support ticket about this, but I've already hammered the poor staff with other queries related to the bizarre behaviour of my iPad, so I don't want to become the nightmare customer from hell. I'm open to any suggestions from forum members, though!

The laptop, however, works fine. Just a few things to note... javascript blockers will be a problem. I run NoScript on Firefox on my laptop, and it break iView. I tried progressively unblocking scripts, but no go. It may be possible to resolve this, but I have no technical knowledge, so I couldn't get it to work. When I tried iView on Safari (which doesn't have NoScript), I had a different problem. I also block Adobe Flash, and the only way I could get iView and SBS on demand to work via VPN was to whitelist them as sites that permit the Adobe Flash plugin. I'm not real excited about doing this, so it puts me off iView and SBS on demand altogether. BUT at least we know those two sites DO work, as long as you avoid the issues I just specified. Do you reckon either of these are what is affecting you?

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