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Sudden Speed Drop Over VPN and Japan Server

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My normal internet speed is 60-70 Mbps, but when i decide to use the vpn now, my speeds are gone. Always less than 10mbps, normally about 4-5mbps. This Suddenly happened, I had moved my router to a different room as well as my computer when it happened, but i don't see why this would have caused anything to happen if my normal speeds are the same.


Also, why is there no japan servers? just curious.

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In order to help you, I have a few questions about your setup.

1. Do you run the VPN on your router itself? If so, are you using a 3rd-party firmware such as DD-WRT or Tomato?

2. What brand and model is your router?

3. What were your speeds before moving the router when using AirVPN on a computer?

4. If you're using a computer to connect to Air (rather than running OpenVPN on the router), you could post the model of your machine's CPU (brand, model name, and GHz) and perhaps someone can check if it supports AES-NI.


Now, for my advice.

The CPU on a consumer-grade router such as the WRT54G cannot keep up with the heavy encryption needed to produce reasonable speeds over OpenVPN. This is probably why you are experiencing the slower speeds when using the router to process your VPN encryption. This should have nothing to do with Air.


You may be able to overclock your router, however without proper cooling (heatsinks and fans) this will shorten the life of your router.


With a system running pfSense for example, you can connect your router to a port on the pfSense box and the pfSense will handle the encryption. The pfSense box would be much more powerful than the router.


I'd recommend a system with pfSense or simply running OpenVPN on your devices for better performance.

Air does allow 3 connections simultaneously.


For your question about adding Japanese servers, see this. You may contact Air if you have a request for new locations.


Hope this helps.

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1. No.

2. Netgear, CG3000D

3. 18-25Mbps

4. Intel I7-4700MQ 2.4GHz


That doesn't explain why i got decent speeds before though.

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