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AirVPN Connecting ... then logged out

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My AirVPN was working for a while then all of a sudden out of nowhere this issue comes along. 

1) I open AirVPN

2) I login 

3) I select a network

4) Connecting... for a while

5) I'm now logged out back at Step 2


I tried 

1) re-installing .net 4.0

2) re-installing openVPN (from both the latest airvpn zip but also the latest from the openvpn website directly)

3) re-installed TAP and re-setup TAP from Windows > "Add a new TAP virtual ethernet adapter" which completes succesfully


I'm out of ideas, why is this not working!

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a few suggestions,


- Visit the page https://airvpn.org/client/, it lists your active connections. The way AirVPN is setup, if you connect to the same server/port/protocol combination from two separate devices simultaneously, the client will demonstrate the behaviour you mentioned. The suggested solution is to either vary one of the three parameters, ie either connect to a different servers, or use different ports or use different protocol.


- I once experienced the same issue even though there was only one connection listed. I don't really remember how it got resolved. I think I restarted my computer and then tried connecting to servers I hadn't connected to before using different port/protocol combinations. And I think it just worked


Bottomline, try connecting to a different server using a different port.


EDIT: you didn't mention which version of the AirVPN client are you using. I would recommend installing Eddie (https://airvpn.org/windows_ex/).

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Thanks so much strideram! First pointing me to this new desktop client I wasn't aware of this one I was using the old clunky one. Then the behavior you mentioned might be what I'm expericiencing, I believe you are right it does happen after a couple re-connections., I will try again,

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