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Australias changing Laws

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Me and a few mates are going into the VPN space due to these


Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA)


recently heaps of the music i listen to on youtube was blocked due to copyright issues, it was the sunday gone i finally got the shits coz i couldnt play a video posted by whzgud. that guy who robot dances to dubstep =)


the issues go deeper tho, my mum is pretty heavily involved with the online activism and has helped where she can and from what she tells me and what i read on the net about leaked verified real documents about how much "they" are spying on us and trying to censor our internet access these services are a breath of fresh air (no pun intended)


I am the trial run, gonna get my techy head mates on AirVPN over the next few weeks.

Oh and i download stuff but i justify it by saying if Aussies where not forced to sign up on a paytv service at like $50 a month for a bunch of useless channels (WITH ADS on paytv) just to watch game of thrones then Aussies wouldn't be branded the worlds biggest pirates.

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Think of the children. It all for the best. These are two things i read and laugh at often. The children is money and for the best is power to the few.I always thought you needed court orders and sufficent evidence to spy on people. Airvpn is a must nowadays just to keep the perverts from staring through our windows.Crazy how easy we as a species to manipulate into signing our freedom away. Knowingly or not

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Yeah well said !

The Intelligent are far outnumbered by the sheep, at least the intelligent few can get by using our oh you guessed it Intelligence.


Still makes me sad to see those Bankers and Corporations winning over and over

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