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It's important to remember ProtonMail is a commercial business designed to produce profit, whereas Riseup is an anarchist collective offering services to activists in tune with their set of ideals. Charging for a premium version of Riseup would be at odds with the purpose of the project. I'd love to see Riseup secure a more stable income, but I'm not sure ProtonMail or Posteo are the right places to look.

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Hey, AirVPN staff! If you bought Riseup, would this change anything?

» I am not an AirVPN team member. All opinions are my own and are not official. Refer to Staff postings for the official word.

» These are the community forums, not the support portal. You're writing with other users here.

» New here? LZ1's New User Guide to AirVPN. Use the search function, Luke!

» Tor exits behind a VPN connection are discouraged. Using Tor on the other hand is not.


» Privacy is like alcohol: Drink a little and it can help you stay unnoticed. Drink a lot and everyone will notice you.

» I cannot give you the solution to all your issues. But I can guide you to it. The rest is up to you.

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Hi there. For my two Euros worth. I use riseup - and I also support them financially - as I believe in their mission - particularly in countries more repressive than the West (EU, UK, US, CAN, AUS, NZ etc).

I'm not too troubled by their being based in the US. I have seen a court case where a server was seized - I think there is a video somewhere. It was returned and apparently no data could be extracted owing to the encryption. I am sure the authorities monitor connections to riseup network, so only doing it via a vpn like Airvpn is a good idea.


As well, if the US authorities want to monster riseup they will need a court order - but they don't if the server is offshore - that was in a wikileaks disclosure I saw.


What I also saw was the the tails and the ToR sites are heavily monitored for download IPs - so if you use those, do so via a vpn. Again, one wikileaks cable seemed to indicate that there are a lot of ToR exist nodes etc actually run by various governments.


I'll see if I can find the page with the wikileaks cables and also some court documents which kind of reveal how they ascertained the identities of people using ToR.From recollection it appeared to be connection times at entry node and what was coming out the other end.


My concern personally is not so much the governments of the West, but large corporations amassing data and selling it - and certain other countries that are engaging in repression of their own people as well as 'active measures' against we in the West. 

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