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How to prevent a IP leak if VPN goes down on your Synology Diskstation Download?

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How do I prevent an IP leak when I use AIRVPN with my Synology NAS download manager and my VPN connection drops and reverts to my home IP. How would I be able to prevent the download station from downloading if the VPN drops connection? I've done it on the PC just dont know how I would do it on the DiskStation. Thanks In Advance

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I would love to know this also. And to add, how to do a dns leak test for the sunology. I am running xpenology dsm 5. Should be no difference between synology dsm and xpenology dsm.


Thanks in advance. I would love to be able to check my connection, i can from the client ciew on airvpn but would like to proce just in case and also shut the network down if the download manager drops out.



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Well AirVPN now offers multiple device connections, in the past you could only make one connection. This means that to get full VPN security you would have either had to run it on your home router and all traffic passing through it, or just on the Diskstation, or just your PC.

I have not done it it for a while, but I would create a separate connection on your DSM for just those downloads on a server that you know you can trust not to go down.

After the set up you can test your connection using a legal torrent, or a traced torrent address using http://ipleak.net/

I have no other knowledge at this time for testing, binding, or preventing leaks on DSM except this http://torguard.net/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=79 ...others need to chime in.

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