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Routing VM traffic through Host VPN Int.

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Hello AirVPN community,


I've been lurking a few months, recently subscribed to the service here and am still learning/experimenting with different configurations. This forum btw, is one of the big reasons I decided to go with AirVPN, so kudos to the community and staff for developing a great knowledge base here.


On to my question:

I'm trying to route traffic from my Virtual box VM out the VPN interface without having to force ALL host traffic out the VPN.


My setup:


I followed Nadre's wonderful Traffic splitting guide in order to setup utorrent traffic to go out the VPN interface while the rest of my host(windows 7) traffic goes out the regular LAN interface and it's working marvously. My next goal is to run tails in virtual box and route all traffic from that VM out the VPN.


The solution i'm looking for has the following goals:

  • Host traffic goes out the non-vpn interface (check)
  • uTorrent traffic goes out the VPN interface (check)
  • Tails VM traffic goes out the VPN interface while maintaing the two above requirements.

I've pondered over some way to use the host routing table to accomplish this, but haven't com up with anything. Virtual Box has a NAT bind option, but it is not currently working from what i gathered from the virtual box forums.  I did find another post that claims that what i'm looking to do isn't possible but someone did detail a way to do it with a secondary vm acting as a router. While I could do this, i'd rather not put the extra strain on my host for just day to day stuff unless it's absolutely neccessary.


Does anyone around here have a better way to accomplish this without the secondary VM?



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FYI, for anyone interested in trying to do the same thing. I ended up doing the following, similiar to what was suggested in that post.


  • creating a light weight pfsense VM(384mb RAM) on my host
  • running the VPN from pfsense with two bridged connections to my local network(one for AIRVPN to communicate out the physical router and the other to act as a gateway for my host traffic) and another internal virtual box only network interface for the tails vm.
  • routing all my host traffic to the pfsense through the second bridged nic
  • bound utorrent traffic to a second ip on my phsical nic(and blocked that ip at my physical router) and then forwarded that traffic out the vpn interface
  • forwarded anything else from the host PC back out the physical router.

I followed various guides and discussions found here on airvpn and wilder security forums, but if someone is really curious, I can be more specific.




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