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HI Support.


I am a UK resident but visiting New Zealand for a few weeks. I have a MacBook Air with Tunnelblick installed and a configuration for various servers including some in the UK. I am staying at a home where the broadband speed is 8Mb/sec but when I connect the VPN (if it connects at all), the speed is reduced to about 300Kb/sec and is not constant. This is useless for streaming TV.


I am so disappointed because I really thought the VPN would enable me to keep in touch.


I have tried both UDP and TCP configurations (UDP usually fails completely, TCP often connects but is so slow). I've tried different ports too.


I've also tried it with Netherlands and USA servers which are also very slow.


Please could you advise what might be the cause of this speed reduction?


Thank you.


PS - the speed test on your website does not work at all for me - I used OOKLA to test the speed.

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I know it's a pain but did you try all 8 (standard) ports?

It took me about 24 hours to determine which port(s) worked better for me with this ISP.

I learned my ISP hijacks UDP port 53 when it wouldn't connect at all.

I ended up finding UDP 2018 worked best for me and TCP 80 was a distant 2nd.

I'd imagine Heze and Persei might be good to try since they are closer (in California).


What kind of latency do you have from the NZ IP Address when you ping an Air server?

I'm usually over 200 ms from the NE US to Europe but today it's actually better (around 150 ms).

If it's not too much trouble, could you do me a favor? A site I used to have free access to from the NL has been blocked. I read on the Internet that it is still open from NZ. If you have a minute, could you try accessing it w/ a local IP Address?


When I select, "Watch Now", it now loads a page for a 7 day trial and then it's €11.99 for 7 days!

What speed would you get with OOKLA from your regular location?

Which Air speedtest did you use:




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