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SSL for AirVPN under Ubuntu

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Hi all,


I have just finished configuring the SSL tunnel for AirVPN under Linux (Ubuntu). I think the guide at https://airvpn.org/ssl/ needs to be updated.

If you use

apt-get install stunnel

Ubuntu will install stunnel4, but the softlink which is used in

stunnel "AirVPN <..> - SSL <..>.ssl"

points at version stunnel3.

So first, go to /usr/bin/ and change the softlink to point at stunnel4 instead of 3:

sudo -ln -s /usr/bin/stunnel4 /usr/bin/stunnel

[EDIT from Staff: the correct command is "sudo ln ..."]


Second point is, stunnel needs to know where the ssl certificate is located, if you don't point it to the right directory, the connection will end with the error:

End of section stunnel: SSL server needs a certificate

So to get rid of this, you have to go to /etc/stunnel and create a file stunnel.conf (also check the README there for more infos) and in it insert 2 lines:


Last but not least you have to generate a stunnel private key:

openssl req -new -x509 -days 365 -nodes

Just remember to put it in the folder, which is listed in the stunnel.conf file.

Now you should be able to run the connection through a tunnel

Because I'm not a Linux wiz, I have used help from the following guides:


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a real clear way of explaining how a/the stunnel works under Ubuntu isn't available here. I think its a great idea from the op the bring this under the footlight.

Yes I get it working. Somehow. But I can't monitor the traffic, although Wireshark is your friend here. And yes but working with many errors in the terminal.

Your post. This:



sudo -ln -s /usr/bin/stunnel4 /usr/bin/stunnel

doesn´ t work. Afaik the syntax is wrong. But indeed there are stunnel3 and stunnel4 files in Ubuntu. That is a potential problem.


End of section stunnel: SSL server needs a certificate


Sometimes I get a handshake failure, no missing certificates.


/etc/stunnel and create a file stunnel.conf

with this:


 A bit of a problem. The generator does not provide a .pem afaik. And what key's has to be placed in this file exactly?



 openssl req -new -x509 -days 365 -nodes

Stunnel works "fine" here without this. Although I got many timeout errors.


By the way when closing the terminal. Openvpn and stunnel are still active. I kill them with:



sudo killall openvpn
sudo killall stunnel4


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How it works here: 


Navigate to your /home with the conf. of Airvpn. Mine is .airvpn

Terminal 1


cd .airvpn



stunnel4 AirVPN_CH-Virginis_SSL-443.ssl

Terminal 2



cd .airvpn


 sudo openvpn AirVPN_CH-Virginis_SSL-443.ovpn

The server is an example...duh


edit to be more exact

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