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In Topic: Cannot connect to server anymore

Yesterday, 09:37 PM



It's an Eddie bug which checks IPv6 routing even when IPv6 routes are not pushed (our servers do not push IPv6 routes to OpenVPN versions older than 2.4 because such versions had various issues with IPv6).


The bug is resolved in Eddie 2.17beta. If you don't feel like testing a beta version, the quick ,alternative workarounds are:



  • open "Preferences" > "Networking" from Eddie main window
  • set "IPv6 Layer" to "Block"
  • click "Save"



  • upgrade to OpenVPN 2.4.x and don't touch Eddie IPv6 layer configuration.


Solution "2." is recommended because it allows you to use IPv6 from AirVPN servers.


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In Topic: Eddie Android edition

Yesterday, 08:47 PM



I'm connected on Lacerta on my phone and PC.


When I close my phone, I loose connection on my pc and Eddie reconnect...




When you wish to connect to the same server multiple devices simultaneously and using the same account, please make sure to use a different certificate-key pair on each device, so that OpenVPN daemons will be put in condition to handle the situation properly.


Please see here for full instructions:



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In Topic: Eddie Android edition

Yesterday, 08:42 PM

Is there something I can do to avoid getting that [error] OpenVPN3 KEEPALIVE_TIMEOUT: Eddie Library Session invalidated: KEEPALIVE_TIMEOUT? I don't understand what causes it.




This error occurs when communication to server fails. A failure is assumed when none of any "ping" (inside the tunnel) is acknowledged by the other end  in a given time frame. In our current setup, a ping is sent every 10 seconds, and the timeout is 60 seconds. So if all the "pings" in that time frame are not "ponged", the party (client or server) assumes that the other party is no more there. This is strictly necessary because UDP is connectionless. What you experience is probably a real disconnection due to the fact that your device can't communicate with the server anymore.


You might try to test a connection in TCP. Even though TCP is less efficient than UDP (due to how OpenVPN works), it would mitigate or resolve the issue in case your ISP de-prioritizes UDP packets. Worth a try.



Is there any possibility that there would some point be Eddie for android which has functionalities that would take advantage of rooted phone.


If you have a rooted device you would be able to perform many actions on your own, for example setting iptables rules to prevent leaks. However, at this stage, Eddie will not take advantage of this fact. Plans to run in a rooted environment do not exist at the moment, essentially because we have a roadmap with more pressing steps and aims (integration with AirVPN first and foremost) but we do not rule out anything about it in the future.


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In Topic: Eddie Android edition

Yesterday, 07:20 PM





That's expected and intended to prevent traffic leaks. It is a consequence of this event:

23 Sep 2018 07:27:51 UTC [Error] OpenVPN3 KEEPALIVE_TIMEOUT: Eddie Library Session invalidated: KEEPALIVE_TIMEOUT


When you get an unrecoverable OpenVPN error, you need to reconnect OpenVPN to some server. During this time, traffic leaks would be unavoidable.


By catching the OpenVPN error and entering the "lock" status before it's too late, Eddie gives the user a chance to take precautions (if needed) with no time pressure to prevent leaks before trying a reconnection or deciding to un-lock. In other words, you might like to (for example) shut down programs whose traffic must not appear on the Internet as coming from your real IP address, before clicking "Disconnect" and therefore "unlocking the traffic".


Compare Eddie and "OpenVPN for Android" behaviors in such a case: if you get a KEEPALIVE_TIMEOUT in "OpenVPN for Android", your traffic would start to flow outside the VPN. What's worse, if the device is unattended and the reconnection attempts fail, the traffic would continue to flow indefinitely. With Eddie, this does not happen and manual intervention is required (remember that in a non-rooted, standard Android system, firewall rules can't be set). We deem it as the most appropriate behavior as a traffic leaks prevention "best effort".


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In Topic: Eddie 2.17beta released

Yesterday, 02:23 PM

An update (2.17.2) that addresses the issue is available now.

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