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#79410 IPv6 support and new smart features

Posted by Clodo on 12 November 2018 - 09:54 PM

Still doesn't seem to be able to be selected by country for UDP entry 3


Fixed, please retry now. 

#76595 Feature request: Add params to disconnect API and client management in Eddie

Posted by Clodo on 10 August 2018 - 01:55 PM



This currently disconnect all sessions of the user.


(which strangely enough returns 'ok' if you don't provide a key)


If the key is not provided, it check if an user is logged on website.


is it possible to add a param to this: 




This would then disconnect session 0.




I will add this as soon as possible.

#75838 Eddie 2.16beta released

Posted by Clodo on 18 July 2018 - 04:22 PM

Seems to work fine on 10.11.6 El Capitan, but still no luck connecting to an IPv6 server.  Logs attached in case you want a look.

Hi, you have en0 (Ethernet) with IPv6 disabled, from your system log:{             "friendly": "Ethernet",             "id": "en0",             "name": "en0",             "description": "en0",             "type": "Ethernet",             "status": "Up",             "bytes_received": "0",             "bytes_sent": "0",             "support_ipv4": true,             "support_ipv6": false,             "ips": [                 ""             ],             "gateways": [                 ""             ],             "bind": true         }, AND
you have in Settings -> Networking -> Internet protocol used for connection -> IPv6, IPv4 (not the default).

So, when you try to connect to a server that support IPv6, due to the option above it try to reach over IPv6, but fail because you have IPv6 disabled on en0 adapter.. 2018.07.15 10:06:19 - OpenVPN > UDPv6 link remote: [AF_INET6]2604:6880:c713:5e84:45b1:390b:9c7e:9838:443 . 2018.07.15 10:06:19 - OpenVPN > write UDPv6: No route to host (code=65) "How" to reach our server (via IPv4 or IPv6, the option above) is not really correlated to obtain an IPv6 tunnel.

With Settings -> Networking -> Internet protocol used for connection -> IPv4, IPv6
you connect to Air server via IPv4, but still obtain a IPv4 AND IPv6 tunnel.

#74554 Eddie 2.14.5 released

Posted by Clodo on 15 June 2018 - 02:26 PM

It doesn't matter, which package I use. Arch, portable, mono, it's always the same.
I did notice, that the name was changed from eddie_tray to eddie-tray. What else has been changed, I wonder.

Issue detected and resolved, will be fixed in the next release, few days.

Thanks, very much appreciated. You and your colleagues are the best. :good:

Please test the latest experimental 2.15.1 (just released), it contains the fix.

#74477 Eddie 2.14.5 released

Posted by Clodo on 13 June 2018 - 09:42 PM

I'm using Eddie-2.14.5 on Arch Linux, and eddie-tray doesn't work.

... (eddie-tray:1400): libappindicator-WARNING **: 11:58:20.851: Unable to get the session bus: Address element “False” does not contain a colon (:) (eddie-tray:1400): LIBDBUSMENU-GLIB-WARNING **: 11:58:20.851: Unable to get session bus: Address element “False” does not contain a colon (:) ...  
In Eddie-2.14.4 it worked like a charm.
It doesn't matter, which package I use. Arch, portable, mono, it's always the same.
I did notice, that the name was changed from eddie_tray to eddie-tray. What else has been changed, I wonder.

Issue detected and resolved, will be fixed in the next release, few days.

#71363 Network Lock failure, Eddie 2.13.6

Posted by Clodo on 05 April 2018 - 12:12 PM

I'm using the portable version, from a network drive.

Confirmed bug. Eddie have some issue on network \\ path.
Copy to local disk, or map the network path on a disk letter, or wait a new release that fix this issue.
Thanks for the report.

#69493 Eddie 2.14beta released

Posted by Clodo on 14 February 2018 - 01:55 PM

Memory leak on Linux seem to persist.
see https://airvpn.org/topic/23911-eddie-client-memory-leak-on-linux/page-2#entry69197


We profiled the Linux build with Mono with Eddie connected to VPN for more than 8 hours about three times. There isn't any evident memory leak, at least not in normal circumstances.
We continue to perform tests about this issue.

If anyone wants to perform some test (user-friendly edition):
- Download the MONO version of Eddie 2.14.0
- Download and extract this: https://airvpn.org/repository/misc/HeapShot.zip
- Open a terminal and launch

sudo mono HeapShot.Gui.exe

(remember the 'sudo', otherwise Eddie relaunches itself and profiling ends prematurely).
If it doesn't start, probably it's missing some Mono assembly, like the GTK. Try to install mono-complete.
- Click the "Run" icon and pick Eddie-UI.exe (or /usr/lib/AirVPN/AirVPN.exe if using the .deb or .rpm edition)
- Eddie will start. Connect to the VPN.
- Click "Take a Memory Snapshot" on HeapShot when you want (at VPN connection, after 8 hours etc). Before that, clear Eddie logs.
- ....
- Disconnect and close Eddie.
- Click Stop in HeapShot.
- Every click of "Take a Memory Snapshot" are showed in the left pane:

More documentation about other profiling methods: http://www.mono-project.com/docs/debug+profile/profile/profiler/

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#69454 Eddie 2.14beta released

Posted by Clodo on 13 February 2018 - 01:28 PM

Does this mean Eddie won't support multiple providers?

Absolutely not! I mean it's actually opt-in be because it's a beta feature, but will become a default=true and the option removed.

#69427 Eddie 2.14beta released

Posted by Clodo on 12 February 2018 - 11:15 PM

User experience. Also, have you considered directing people here instead of here, when they click the web shortcut for port-forwarding? Because:

Maybe. Thinking about that.

User experience. In Preferences>Advanced> the link to the Advanced Features FAQ is missing a description for the two new options "Skip Process checking" and "Multiple provider support" respectively.

Yes, but doesn't matter for now.
"Skip Process checking" is only a specific workaround about an issue on macOS.
"Multi provider support" will be removed as an option, is here only for the beta-phase of this feature.

User experience. I feel like the client could really use some more mouse-over description text.

Windows and macOS have tooltip. Only Linux don't have tooltip, due to a stupid bug with Mono currently pending.

Functionality. In the "Protocols" section, in the top right corner, it says "30 protocol modes not available due to your OpenVPN version".

All correct. You installed the .deb edition, that don't have any bundled software, are linked as dependencies.
So, in your distro OpenVPN is an older version (2.3.10) that don't support tls-crypt (neither IPv6). So, tls-crypt protocols modes are not available.

Functionality. I noticed that when I go to Preferences>General> check "Minimize to tray" and minimize Eddie and then click the Eddie tray icon, there's an option to display the main window. But if I uncheck "Minimize to tray" and repeat the process, then there's no option to "display main window", including if Eddie still gets minimized to the tray anyway. Instead, one has to click "Connected", to bring up the main window. If I then disconnect first, then there's more options in the tray icon while "Minimize to tray" is not checked: "Connect to a recommended server" and "Session terminated" and I need to click "Session terminated" to bring up the main window in that case, which doesn't make sense to me. This seems inconsistent, as I expect the option to show/hide the main window to always be there, regardless of "Minimize to tray" is checked or not :). Further, changes to that tray UI menu as well as the Eddie menu in general, don't take effect until Eddie is minimized 1 time, which seems odd. This is despite checking/unchecking both "Show Tray Icon" and "Minimize to tray" and saving. It's not a huge deal, but just something I noticed.

I will check it. (anyway another developer in our team write the tray code).

Functionality. In Stats, double clicking Discovery stats doesn't seem to do anything at all, whether connected or disconnected. I'm not sure if that's intended.

If you use Eddie without AirVPN servers, Eddie detect the country and location of .ovpn profiles.
Double click will refresh (re-detect) this kind of info.
Similar to double-click the stats "Latest Manifest Update" to force the re-download of the list of servers.

Typo. In the Preferences>Logging there's a clear typo in the description text: "For multiple logs with different paths, separe it with a semicolon;" it should be "separate them".

Fixed in the next release.

Typo. Small things which need fixing include the About page "Website" and "Manual" links, which when clicked redirect to completely different URLs from the ones displayed.

Ehm.. it's correct. Eddie contain links to "eddie.website", it's dedicated website separated from AirVPN. But currently isn't ready yet, so eddie.website re-redirect to airvpn.org website.
When we release the eddie.website, all will be correct.

Typo. In Preferences>OVPN directives>bottom drop-down box on the right which says "Append Custom directives", there's an incomplete sentence description in the second option: "(...)ignore Base, Provider and..." and what?

Shortened to "Use only Custom directives". For tech details, people can look the faq linked below.

Bug. In Preferences>Logging>Open in filemanager I first got an error pop-up about not being able to find the location or something. Is it intended that we first check the 2 logging boxes before trying to open the file manager? Because after I checked those boxes, browsed to the log file in my file manager outside of Eddie and then went back into Eddie to click the same "Open in filemanager" button again, it worked. But I initially got an error. Which seems odd, because it's not as if it's trying to open a non-existent logfile, which would be understandable. Instead, it's just trying to open the file manager and that should always be possible I thought.

Not sure if there is a bug here.
Probably the path was logs/something.log, your click try to open the file-explorer on the "logs" directory not yet exists.
In the time when you manually open the file-manager, some logs occur and Eddie create the "logs" directory and the log file within.

@lz1, i not yet read other parts of your post, give me time :D

#69302 Castor/IPv6 websites not working

Posted by Clodo on 09 February 2018 - 04:03 PM

If you want a workaround to the current 2.14.0, edit AirVPN.xml and add the following option:<option name="ipv6.mode" value="none" />and retry.

#69159 "unable to start PF firewall"

Posted by Clodo on 05 February 2018 - 02:30 PM

Uddate to Eddie 2.14 beta

My personal apologies about the delay.

#69028 Castor/IPv6 question and problem

Posted by Clodo on 01 February 2018 - 10:59 PM

My ISP does not support IPv6, and was hoping that using Castor with AirVPN would give me an IPv6 address and let me use IPv6-only sites.

Hope correct.

Please check in Windows "Open Network & Internet settings" > "Change adapter options" > right click on EACH interface > "Properties" > check if TCP/IPv6 is checked. If not, check it.

#69005 Eddie 2.14beta released

Posted by Clodo on 01 February 2018 - 01:21 AM

Thank you for fixing this issue."Unable to start PF Firewall." in some old macOS versions. Confirmed working on Mac OS Yosemite and El Capitan.

Good, thanks to you to confirm that. 

The macOS app is not signed by a developer signature, it should be signed to protect against malicious impersonating apps.

Absolutely. An issue with deployment. Fixed, please re-download. Thx.

#68374 IPv6 deployment delay

Posted by Clodo on 09 January 2018 - 01:38 PM

@Clodo! How is Eddie 3 going? Is there any time-frame (this year?)? I want to be able to minimize to system-tray on linux..

"When it's done" :P . In this year, of course.

Minimize in system-tray on Linux will be available in the next 2.x series, around the next week.
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#68033 IPv6 Support ?

Posted by Clodo on 31 December 2017 - 03:33 PM

We have some delay, but we expect to release Eddie 2.14 in a few weeks with a single experimental new VPN server (called Castor) that support IPv6 and tls-crypt.
The delay are caused by some missing IPv6 implementation of OpenVPN (for example it's impossible to specify if a IPv6 route can go inside or outside the tunnel), so some feature and workaround are implemented in Eddie 2.14.
If all it's ok with the beta-testing of Eddie 2.14 and Castor, every other VPN servers will be upgraded quickly.
Thanks for your patience.
Clodo - Eddie lead developer
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