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Error with new Phoenix servers

01 August 2018 - 05:47 PM

ipleak.net seems to not know what to do with these new servers.



Request - Choose Route

21 July 2018 - 03:28 AM

Is it possible with any AirVPN location that an option similar to https://network.feral.io/reroute or http://speedtest.seedboxes.cc/ could be offered to users?


(The Seedboxes.cc site doesn't show it right away but if you test your speed you'll be offered the choice of which network to use based on the speed tests.)


I'm thinking "no" but I figured I'd ask and at least generate some discussion.

Config generator for Rana messed up?

16 May 2018 - 07:16 PM

# --------------------------------------------------------
# Air VPN | https://airvpn.org | Wednesday 16th of May 2018 07:06:42 PM
# OpenVPN Client Configuration
# AirVPN_CA-Toronto-Ontario_Rana_UDP-443-Entry3
# --------------------------------------------------------

dev tun
remote h.root-servers.net. 443
remote a.root-servers.net. 443
remote g.root-servers.net. 443
remote j.root-servers.net. 443
remote k.root-servers.net. 443
remote b.root-servers.net. 443
remote d.root-servers.net. 443
remote c.root-servers.net. 443
remote i.root-servers.net. 443
remote m.root-servers.net. 443
remote f.root-servers.net. 443
remote e.root-servers.net. 443
remote l.root-servers.net. 443



Draco fix ETA

03 May 2018 - 01:34 PM

For over a month Draco has been down with line problems.


Staff, do you have an estimate as to when it'll be up again?

Ahh..new ciphers available with openvpn 2.4+

11 March 2018 - 08:37 PM

Did I miss an announcement? 


The specs page https://airvpn.org/specs/ shows a lot more data ciphers available with openvpn > 2.4.  Some 128 bit ciphers.  That should help some weak CPU get a little better speed.


Does anybody know which of the 256bit ciphers is likely to be fastest with an AES-NI CPU?  Or, any way to tell which of the ciphers my CPU accelerates?

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