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Please see here:



The same thread can be taken as a reference. Simply, tls-crypt is supported and mandatory on entry-IP addresses 3 and 4. OpenVPN 2.4 or higher is required.




tls-crypt encrypts the whole Control Channel and has been reported as effective in bypassing blocks in China and Iran at the moment (to port 443 preferably, otherwise you could experience a generic, not OpenVPN related, outbound port blocking).


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I'm sorry, I feel bad for you Staff.  No matter how many times you say *entry IP 3 and 4* people still seem to not comprehend.  I guess they just don't open their eyes. 

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Today, 12:05 PM

by default pfsense will monitor my end of the VPN, not the gateway.  (but, it monitors the gateway my ISP WAN properly)  I have to manually change the monitor IP.  It's a good question and something people bug pfsense devs about often.

Not sure what is wrong on your end but my pfsense can ping the GW ip.


Check System > Routing > Gateways

My gateay is set to dynamic. That works no matter which IP you get.


Yes, that's how setup.  RTT for that by default is always 0.1ms because it's pinging my VPN internal IP, not the gateway.

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Today, 01:46 AM

So taking the Rasalas server as an example, nslookup gives me this:

Name:    rasalas.airservers.org
Address: <--entrance IP


ipleak.net reports this: <--exit IP







That is entry IP 1.  You may note in Eddie or the config generator that servers have at least 2 entry IP.  Servers updated to the latest software have 4 entry IP.


But, always only the one exit IP.

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Yesterday, 03:06 PM

Does it make a huge difference? I ran the seedboxes-test twice and I was always on the fastest route - the differences were almost negligible, though.


For you it didn't make a difference I guess.  But, in my experience with both those seedboxes, the ability to choose my route significantly enhanced the speed with which I could download from them.


Either you get "around" overloaded networks, or you get routing that works with your location (AirVPN server) better.


In the case of being able to do this with AirVPN servers, you'd possibly get routing that works better with your ISP than the default routing.

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17 July 2018 - 10:49 PM

Some of the servers are only 100mbit/s servers, most are 1000mbit/s.


Keep that in mind when you're looking. :)

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