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False Data Throughput Displaying in Eddie

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Posted 13 May 2017 - 04:19 PM

I apologize if this is somehow in the wrong place, as it appears to be some sort of issue with the Eddie client itself, but I was unable to find any relevant inquires/posts with some searching.

I have been using AirVPN for some time now and am loving the service. I recently set up a new Ubuntu machine, however, and while in the past I used OpenVPN to connect via Linux, I decided this time to give the Eddie client a shot. Generally it seems to work great, and I am quite enjoying the network lock feature.

One strange issue I am having, though, is that the client seems to list a false measure of data-throughput in the "Download" and "Upload" sections of its GUI. (Both under overview and stats.) What I mean by this is that according to all of my network monitoring apps, my computer is currently receiving around 300KB/s and sending around 250KB/s, but Eddie lists a download speed that varies between 4 and 8Mbit/s and an upload speed that varies between 2 and 6Mbit/s. I am simply not drawing or outputting this much data, so what is AirVPN actually displaying?

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Posted 21 May 2017 - 01:27 AM



Isn't that simply speed vs volume downloaded? You can change the display of this in Preferences>General>Data Units.

Hi there, are you new to AirVPN? Many of your questions are already answered in this guide. Its Guides Section has guides on Linux/Torrenting/Blocked sites & many other topics too.
Moderators do not speak on behalf of AirVPN. Only the Official Staff account does. Please read the First Questions section in the link above for more details, thank you.
Did you make a guide or how-to for something? Then contact me to get it listed in my new user guide's Guides Section, so that the community can find it more easily.

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