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Found 3 results

  1. Web Browser FAVICON "SuperCookies" can TRACK people with UNIQUE IDs and BYPASS VPN protections https://it.slashdot.org/story/21/02/09/1920256/browser-favicons-can-be-used-as-undeletable-supercookies-to-track-you-online i do not think AirVPN does currently has a web browser add-on or plugin. And I do not know of any others that offer protection against this "new" TECH of FavIcon supercookies which use a UNIQUE ID to track people browsing on the web. So now what do we do?
  2. Hello All, When connected i tried couple of 2 DNS Leak Test (https://anonymster.com/dns-leak-test/ and https://ipleak.net/) Both are giving me the same results (Google IP is showing). I am wondering is this something normal i was thinking i shall see there AirVPN name instead of Google One ? Thanks for your advice
  3. On the result page of on https://ipleak.net there is a referens to "AirVPN Exit Node". What is an "AirVPN Exit Node"? Why does ipleak.net check for "AirVPN Exit Node", is it a security/privacy issue in some way? Who becomes an "AirVPN Exit Node"? And under which circumstances could/will this happen? What is the result/impact/downside of being an "AirVPN Exit Node"? Will it limit functionality/access or anything else that would be available otherwise? If being an "AirVPN Exit Node" is a "bad" thing, can it then be avoided? is there any documentation available on "AirVPN Exit Node"?
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