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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I'm running Debian Buster and have a Windows 10 guest set up in qemu via virt-manager. I have Eddie and Hummingbird installed on the host, and have this same issue with both - namely that when Network Lock is enabled and I'm connected to Air on the host, the Windows 10 guest has no network connection. When Eddie/Hummingbird are not running, guest works fine. When I use Eddie to connect without Network Lock, the Windows 10 guest connects fine and has the Air exit IP address, as expected. So, something about the way Network Lock works is preventing the Windows guest from being able to use the Debian host's network. I'm using the default NAT network that virt-manager sets up. I'm also using AppArmor - I know qemu has its profiles set and enforced, don't know if this is relevant. Any help much appreciated! Thanks.
  2. Hi, I got an issue. When i enable Intel VT-x in my bios, the next time i boot my pc, AirVPN can't resolve the route. It does set the ip address correct on the TAP v9 adapter. in the 10.x.x.x range and it does set the dns correct on that adapter. My TAP v9 adapter doesn't get a default gateway. Normal? On my physical adapter(virtualized Hyper-V adapter) it does set the DNS correct, but my ip address is still the same (192.168.0.x). Is this normal? AirVPN does a correct dns flush on the adapters. then it goes on checking the route. and fails. theres a screenshot attached. I also dissabled IPv6 on all adapters. Do u need more info? I'll be happy to give. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  3. So I know this maybe over the top and a wee bit silly but what if you chained 2 VPNs together through virtualization (VPN 1 on host machine and VPN 2 on a virtual machine) but instead of running 1 virtual machine you installed a virtual machine inside of a virtual machine and installed VPN 2 inside that virtual machine thats installed inside the virtual machine then create another virtual machine seperate from the others and install pfsense and configure it and route the traffic through VM 2 (virtual machine inside the virtual machine) to VM 1 then back through the host? And of cousre run TOR too............ VPNception?
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