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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, Server Side(the computer where EMBY software is installed) Name it embymyairvpnserver as an example. You can pick any name you want, for your EMBY server if available. After you config this in Port Forwarding in your account/profile @ airvpn.org. -------------------------- localport: 8096 forwarded port: 34567(e.g.) or pick your own. -------------------------- Server Side Comodo FW Rule(image example) Updated. Use it for embyserver.exe and embytray.exe. emby.server.allowed.address in Network Zones-->contains all your clients IPs which you define as range( or single address. Server Side -- AirVPN server you connect to make sure it is close to your location(latency/speed*) *Upload speed is what matters here. EMBY Server Side --- Rotating Servers Option 1.(Use Option2 if you don't want/wish/have to task kill and re-start EMBY). EMBY.rotate.openvpn.servers.at.time.specified.bat.zip ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. CHANGE THE NAME OF YOUR TAP/VPN ADAPTER(S). 2. 3600 SECONDS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE FOR THE COUNTDOWN....MAKE IT 10000/15000/20000 SECONDS. 3. embytray.exe and embyserver.exe process will be killed/terminated. 4 embytray.exe and embyserver.exe process will be re-started. 5. It will then use the new IP/server IP. 6. No fancy interface/UI.....things are kept simple(command line) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Option 2. https://airvpn.org/topic/17440-guide-fix-for-tap-adapter-in-windows/page-3?do=findComment&comment=83234 Client Side(computer or device where you connect from) Use your Iphone/Tablet open a browser and key in embymyairvpnserver.airdns.org:34567 Comodo Rule Use this for client computers--> https://airvpn.org/topic/29189-block-all-interfaces-except-tapvpn/ Log-in and happy streaming. Client Side -- Use your ISP IP(any IP). IF IT IS NOT IN THE LIST OF emby.server.allowed.address IT WILL NOT CONNECT. *Download speed is what matters on the Client Side.. P.S. I would recommend that both computers/devices(Server/Client) are connected to different AirVPN servers. NOTE: This is only for http NOT https. Regards, Flx
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