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Found 3 results

  1. I'm using Eddie 2.13.6 and have been experiencing random disconnects every few hours. I use UK servers but no matter which im connected to it will always drop the connection at some point normally after an hour or so. Once it's dropped it will re-connect no problem but just abit annoying its happening in the first place. Any one know how to fix this?
  2. During the few months I've been using various AirVPN USA servers to connect my Mac notebook via Tunnelblick software from various Starbucks stores' WiFi, I've noticed a definite correlation between available bandwidth and the frequency of random disconnects from the VPN. This is based on observations of how many devices are being used in the store, SpeedTest.net results, both on and off the VPN, and observing the log files. It would help me greatly to know just how much bandwidth I need in order to connect through the VPN and avoid these random disconnects. Just in case there is something going on that I don't understand (maybe a timeout of the VPN server I'm using? I do make sure I use the lowest latency, highest bandwidth server by checking the Status section of the website before getting down to serious work), I'm attaching the log of the latest disconnect I experienced. disconnect from Starbucks by Tunnelblick or AirVPN after 15 min 2013-8-19.txt
  3. I'm having a problem losing my VPN connection randomly from my local Starbucks. (Not the internet connection, just the VPN connection.) This happens quite a lot, roughly between 1 and 4 times per day during a 3- to 8-hour period (yes, I practically live at Starbucks these days). I already spoke with AT&T technical support and learned what the possible problems could be. They said they allow VPN connections, it doesn't matter what port it is (I'm using port 443), and the only timeout they have is a reset at midnight every night. That leaves the following possibilities: 1. It could be related to either bandwidth (not enough BW for the VPN connection, but I don't get kicked off the router); 2. My VPN service has a timeout or other technical issue; or 3. Someone doing something malicious on the network. Here are the details of my experience today: Connected at 10:29am. Reconnected after losing VPN connection at 11:30am. Tested download speed at 12:11pm = 546 kbps. Disconnected from VPN again at 12:31pm. Download speed after automatic reconnection by Shimo = 92 kbps. Girls found outside Starbucks in Shopping Mall hallway watching video on iPad mini. Download test at 12:34pm was 1.3Mbps. According to forums, there is a 4-hr timer that will be fixed in the next release of their software (which I don't use, I use Shimo for Mac with a manual configuration). Yet I have never experienced any problems when using the VPN in the exact same manner from my friends' homes or at my own home. But this hasn't been the problem today (May 30th) because my Starbucks connection began at 10:29am, so the disconnect would happen at 2:30pm, unless they're wrong about the 4 hrs. 1st disconnect was 2 hrs, 12 min. after 1st connection of the day. 2nd disconnect was 22 min. after last re-connection. Any clues or information on what possibilities exist that would disconnect the VPN would be greatly appreciated.
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