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Found 3 results

  1. So I installed a new printer yesterday....and then Eddie fell over, at precisely 1am. 😱 😱 😱😫😫😫 To install my new (wireless) printer I needed the HP smart app. This had to be downloaded from the Microsoft store; which promptly refused to accept that I was already connected to the internet (error-0x800704cf - "you'll need the internet for this" message) 🤬🤬. I found two sites which were both helpful: https://windowsreport.com/error-0x800704cf-pc-fix/ and https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/windows-store-not-working-while-running-on-a-vpn/90d51e9b-4f4c-4b63-b542-dfb1b6862239. 😇 I tried everything on the first site, to no avail. Then tried the second site and Microsoft Store started to work. I downloaded the app and the printer works. Happy days! 👍 . Summary of the advice is here: Go to: Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections Right-click the TAP network device for your VPN. Go to properties. Click Configure. click the Advanced tab Select "Media Status" Change Value to "Always connected" Click ok. Right-click the TAP network device for your VPN again. Go to properties. Click "internet services version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" Click Properties. Click Advanced. Tick the "Automatic Metric" boxClick ok. Click ok. Click Close. However....Later in the evening I try to complete a foreign payment with my bank. I've tried to complete this several times but the bank's website kept crashing. Tonight I get to the final password check... and everything freezes, at exactly 1 am (AST, 5am GMT). Eddie has just gone into a loop of connecting/disconnecting. This is hugely irritating and slightly suspicious given the timing (on the hour - don't know what was scheduled but something got checked or updated). Anyway to cut the story short, Setting the' Media status' (1st para of the summary above) back to 'Application Controlled' sorted the problem. Eddie started working immediately, without a reboot. 😍😍😍 Hope this helps someone.
  2. I too needed a long time before I knew how to get a printer and scanner working while online when using a VPN with either OpenVPN or Eddie the Client of AirVPN. Well the answer is much simpler than you think. You need to give your printer an IP4 address that does not change. Like as long as you always make sure it looks like your Router IP4 Gateway adress. My printer has IP address and if you don't understand how to do that either from within your router DHCP or from the printer itself I cannot help you unfortunately. My printer is simply at this IP4 address via a Wireless Wifi connection at the same router which has address as most Routers do. But yours might look different. The problem with Windows 10 automatic discovery of printers and scanners it searches all network adapters and it might detect your printers and scanners even like it does here, but when on VPN I couldn't print or scan. Actually the scanner didn't even work before I knew the tricks how to install the same printer manually from an IP4 address by hand. In Windows 10 right click the start button if your right handed with your right mouse button and enter command below: control printers I would have liked to show a screenshot here but my language isn't English, so I describe that after you execute that command a Window pops up showing you devices like printers and scanners even when they might not work. Now look carefully inside that window, what does it say? ADD PRINTERbut then in your language. Well press that button. Another window pops up trying to discover devices on your network, but you should look for and press the text PRINTER I WANT IS NOT ON THIS LIST Now the magic starts to happen. It has many options to add a Printer, but you know you want a local network printer search for ADD PRINTER WITH TCP/IP ADDRESSBut then again it is in your own language but look for TCP/IP and press that option. Then press NEXT button. Another window pops up, leave automatic detection enabled. And guess what, it asks for the IP4 address for your printer, don't worry about port name that will be automatically filled. Type in your Printer IP4 address inside the IP text Area my Printer IP4 address on my local network. Then it might ask for a driver, if you have none choose a printer that is a version higher but of same type. If you have a Deskjet choose a similar Deskjet, if you have a Laser choose a similar Laser. In my case I simply had the original driver which actually isn't necessary at all. If your printer is 4000 series and you see a driver called 4070 series try that, as long as it is the same brand of printer and same type of printer (Deskjet=Deskjet and Laser=Laser etcetera) Usually you don't need a driver at this point. Wireless printers communicate with a standard protocol hence Linux Operating Systems almost always too easily support printers and scanners. Then you have to press a few times NEXT, NEXT and maybe another NEXT. Make sure you remember how your new manually added printer that only communicates inside your local network outside any VPN is called. Software using printers or scanners like a webbrowser need a simple adjustment. That is when you print you must select the new printer or scanner you just added by hand. Please let me know if this works for you, and if you are English, can you do these steps with screenshots and place them in yours? I have a strange language you don't understand, So hence my screenshots would not explain it to you, but in English it does. I cannot for example tell you how to access the configuration panel in your language but that is why I told you it all starts with a simple command to execute control printers In my case my scanner wasn't even working without VPN and when I executed MSPAINT.EXE, I could even scan wireless when either with or without VPN enabled or disabled. Before I could only print or install hundreds of Megabytes from HP Printer Driver. Remember the name and IP4 address from your printer that is all you need. Don't rely on auto detection when on VPN.
  3. Hi, I'm connecting through Eddie 2.9 in Ubuntu. In the preferences I have LAN and ping both enabled, and I've also whitelisted the ip address of the networked printer at my office. But I still can't access it unless I turn network lock off. But I can access other computers on the LAN. It's just the printer that I can't talk to. Any advice?
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