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Found 4 results

  1. Pretty much what the title says. Running Debian sid with Eddie, connected to a bunch of servers with default settings and nothing seems to get it up. Any idea? Do you want me to send logs?
  2. Hello, I pay for 25mbps (3.125 MB/s) speed through my ISP. I am not able to sustain download speeds above 100 KB/s. It should be 30 times faster, minus the inevitable geographic distance or extra nodes on the route. why is it so slow? also, why, when I connect to Miami, i am about 10% faster than when Eddie automatically chooses the Toronto servers? I am in Massachusetts. I tried OpenVPN, which is far more responsive, but the speeds are not always faster. AirVPN Eddie client is slow always. current i am getting 110KB/s on OpenVPN, but not enjoying the DNS protection. -sanc
  3. Hi I have a strange problem and I'm at a loss to solve it. I've been tweaking at the settings for a while but nothing seems to improve. I have tried servers from all over the world and even moved to the non-standard ports. I did find moving to a non-standard port gave a bit of an average boost so I was more able to sustain up near the 10M max rate continuously than before. I assume this is just because most clients are connected to 443/udp and there's the OpenVPN single thread issue on the server. I am on a 24/1 ADSL2 connection with ~180ms latency to the closest LA servers. I can get slightly better latency into Singapore, but I'd rather terminate in the USA since most of my traffic ends up there anyway. What I see is that I cannot exceed about 10Mbps. I started out assuming it was just because my desktop OS is shit and its TCP window handling was slowing me down. I used DownloadThemAll to open dozens of connections instead of single-streaming a download. That didn't help. I was still capped at 10MBPS. I didn't see heavy CPU usage in my router but I ruled it by terminating the VPN on my high end i7 machine (with AES-NI) and repeating the DownloadThemAll test. It didn't help. The same test off the VPN saturates my link at 24MBPS. I have a few questions... First, is anyone else using OpenVPN in a similar situation (24/1 and ~200ms latency)? Do you see acceptable performance? Second, are there any tweaks to the config that might help improve the situation? I've tried forcing the sndbuf/rcvbuf settings to 512k but found that they hinder more than help. Third, I see what looks like high uplink utilization while pulling at the 10M rate over the VPN. the 1M uplink is actually quite saturated. I don't see similar when I disable the VPN. Is this normal for openvpn? If that's the case then I'm stuffed until I can increase my uplink rate. I didn't think OpenVPN added this much overhead though. There's nothing else I can think of to work out what's going on. Any suggestions?
  4. Hello -- Whenever I connect to airvpn my download/upload speeds are fine. I get full throughput downloading any number of files. However, over time (say maybe one or two days), my connection eventually slows to a halt. Any given torrent will download at 1k/s and I'm unable to seed any torrents. When this happens I've always simply restarted the VPN, and speeds immediately go back up to the previous max. Is there anything I may have overlooked that would cause this behavior? Thanks.
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