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Found 4 results

  1. So when I download torrents and other data I appear to have thing configured properly. Using a forwarded port, setting QTorrent to use only ethernet (the connection AirVpn is using through Eddie) and setting eddie to Force use of the VPN or it will kill all connections. The speeds I'm getting on the server are decent like 5 MBp/s that is Megabytes per second. I've also used Ipleak and other leak tests for Qtorrent and NONE of them show any leaks to my actual IP. Ok, so that's all good news, but why when I open Eddie to the Overview page it shows that my download speed is like 60 Mbps as in Megabits per second which would be around 600 Kilobytes. This is not accurately showing the actual download speeds I get, or the upload speeds. Why is this happening? I appreciate the help!
  2. Is it an issue that I can see a local ip here? I know I can disable WebRTC, but I use it. It seems to me like it gets routed through vpn, since it changes when I disconnect. And I don't leak my real, public IP behind VPN from what I can see. Is this safe (pics) or am I leaking? Btw I use Ubuntu 16.04 and Eddie 2.13.6 with network lock enabled. Some help would be appreciated!
  3. Hey guys, Can anybody help or explain why i'm getting DNS leaks even with Network Lock enabled? It's intermittent but using ipleak.net i can see it is occurring. Not sure what information i can provide to help anyone answering. I'm currently using a wired connection and running Windows 7(64bit). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi guys I'm trying to use AirVPN on my Nexus 5 and my Samsung Galaxy Tab S and due to the way Androids are, and at present with no apparent IPV6 non leaking solution in place by just about every VPN provider out there, as soon as I get connected, my IPV6 leaks, thus not allowing me to watch tv from abroad. Besides disabling IPV6 on my router, have you guys got a work around in place as yet? Cheers.
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