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Found 7 results

  1. Is not exactly a website but, server Iskandar is banned in Freenode.
  2. Hi! It appears that Snoonet IRC does not accept connections from German VPN servers. [13:07:19] * Searching for irc.snoonet.org [13:07:19] * Connecting to irc.snoonet.org ( [13:08:50] * Connection failed (SSL handshake timed out) I may appear as an SSL error of some sort but the same does not apply to my real IP - connection gets established almost instantly. I've set routes to three of the IP addresses eu-irc.snoonet.org resolved to in a timespan of 20 minutes temporarily. Connects instantly... PIA really is a shitty company.
  3. Got this message when trying to connect to Freenode's servers via Yildun:
  4. Hello, i just opened now a IRC Channel #AirVPN on the irc network irc.freenode.org this channel can be usefull for new users to get in touch with AirVPN services and just to talk about Anonimyzers in general. if any administrator of AirVPN want to come, i will be glad to offer them the Operator status. i hope that you will like it & have a nice day.
  5. I would like to be able to use VPN only with Hexchat. I'm using eddie 2.7. I'm on elementary OS. Is there a way to do this so the VPN only gets used through Hexchat?
  6. [16:27] -tampa.fl.us.undernet.org- *** Looking up your hostname - [16:27] -tampa.fl.us.undernet.org- *** Checking Ident - [16:27] -tampa.fl.us.undernet.org- *** No ident response - [16:27] -tampa.fl.us.undernet.org- *** Couldn't look up your hostname - [16:27] AUTO [1] DNSBL listed. TORs are forbidden on this network. Your IP is
  7. I've been connecting to a irc.coldfront.net server for the last couple of days and it seems that today the Luxembourg server got blocked because someone is apparently using the VPN as a TOR exit node. This is what I get I already e-mailed the administrator of sectoor.de a few minutes ago and I'm awaiting a response for now..
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