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Found 5 results

  1. On the client download page, you can download any compiled version, including the experimental/testing ones. However, the only mention of where to view the source is on Github, but there have been no Github commits at all since 2 Oct 2017. There have been three experimental/testing "releases" since the last stable release (2.13.6 on 19 Sep 2017), so obviously the code is changing.... just not on Github. The PPA repository doesn't seem to provide the source, either (tested with "deb-src" + same URL in the sources.list file). If Eddie is going to be open source, can the source please be.... open?
  2. Github.com is not accessible from Alterf. Pings and http connection both time out. This has been a problem for more than a week now.
  3. Hi guys, I've subscribed to the Airvpn service about 4 months ago and I'm very happy with it. Nevertheless, as a Linux user (currently Lubuntu 16.04) which isn't using the client option, it was becoming somewhat annoying to turn on and turn off the openvpn and the stunnel in different terminals every time. Few days ago I sat and wrote a small CLI script in python, that is automating the process of connecting and disconnecting to the Airvpn service. The script can be found here: https://github.com/hemulin/airvpn_toggler Simply put, what it does is: When turning on - 1) Scanning the configs files folder and asking you from which country you wish to exit 2) After you choose a country, it turns on the stunnel as a background process and waiting for it to finish the initialization 3) After the stunnel init has finished, it turns on the openvpn as a background process and waiting for it to finish init. 4) After the openvpn has finished its init, the script validates that the external IP has changed and if yes, adding a system tray indicator to show it is connected. When turning off - 1) Killing the system tray indicator, the openvpn and the stunnel processes. 2) Validating that the external IP has changed. Currently it is working well for me, but I still consider it to be a "work in progress", so (1) I still improves it and (2) Feel free to ask for features (and of course, forks and pull requests are welcome). Cheers, Hemulin
  4. The current version of Eddie is 2.10.3 but the version of the source code on GitHub is 2.10.2 ? Am I right, or I'm missing something? )) Any plans to update to a current version?
  5. Looks cool https://github.com/adrianchifor Ever came across other commit graph "pictures"? Post them here!
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